Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How's My Writing?

Hello Everyone!
I love helping first graders express themselves through writing. For me, the first semester of first grade is all about creating a safe environment for them to feel comfortable putting their thoughts down on paper. We work on all the different ways to incorporate written expression into our day. I just love when one of my little would rather write than do anything else!  
Well we are now all about making our great writing even better...That means editing. I don't know about you, but it has been my experience that kids do not like going back to fix anything in their writing! Does anyone truly love editing?   Hence the challenge, making editing engaging. After researching and trying different things and I think I finally came up with something that the kids can understand, use, and grow.  We  compared different pieces and rated them.  We will use them as rubrics to compare our own writing. We learned about a few first grade friendly editing marks. We modeled editing on an old piece. Then we received out "Editing Super Visors," and special editing pens. I love to have my kids peer edit, so we got with our writing partners right away and picked a piece on which to work our editing magic. TaDah!! Engagement!

Our Editing Super Visors

I did put all these ideas into a  micro unit about editing and rubrics. 

A quick set of printable rubrics with rating numbers

for your own quick print and go micro unit, CLICK HERE!!

Or CLICK HERE for a new and improved version of the unit!!

I hope you can use some of this!! As always, if you see any typos or anything that should be fixed (or edited!! Ha Ha!) please don't hesitate to holler at me!! 
Thanks for stopping by for a peek! Stay tuned for more first grade fun!! 


  1. I want to thank you for the writing unit. I have had some visors and have never known what to do with them. I love your idea to use them for editing.

    THANK YOU!! that you did not charge us for it. You are a great person and teacher, because you are willing to help other teachers instead of making money.

  2. Thank you for sharing this writing unit. This is just what so amazing and again Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this resource! I am a first year second grade teacher and I did not know how to teach writing. This is so helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love teachers who love to share! Nancy, you rock!

  4. Your editing and revising unit is amazing!!! Thank you so much for this valuable unit. Nancy you rock big time.


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