Saturday, July 7, 2012

Me and My School

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!  Today I worked on updating our beginning of the year social studies unit, "Me and My School."In this unit we discuss the purpose for rules, who the leaders are around us, what some good rules are, what happens when we don't follow rules, etc.  One great book I love to use during this unit is David Shannon's "David Goes to School."  If you don't have this book yet, it is a must!  Kids love this book and can totally relate to the cute little main character, David!  This little unit has some poetry, some thinking maps, a group anchor chart to make with your kids, and a quick little craft connection. Here are some pics.

A poem for our Poetry Folders!

Anchor Chart

Have kids make their own David.  A simple circle pattern is included in unit.  Let them go from there!! :)

For your free 18 page mini unit, click here!! :)

I hope you can use some of these ideas!
Next Stop? "Me and My Community!"  Coming right up!!
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Till then, look for the joy in everything!