Saturday, November 16, 2013

Retelling Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone!
I hope you're having a great weekend!  I wanted to share a couple of quick but very special things. First off, we will be doing so many wonderful Thanksgiving related learning activities this coming week. One of my favs is our Thanksgiving Retelling Story Bracelet.  As the kids are reading a poem about the first Thanksgiving, they are creating a bracelet with beads on a fuzzystick. You've probably seen this idea floating around for a while.  I think it originated with the infamous Dr. Jean. I just love it so much. I updated the poem a tiny bit and can't wait to share it with my kids this coming week.

You can get your copy of the poem and directions HERE!

Oh...My...Goodness...I am so thankful for these kids and the gifts they give me every day!!
Thankful for you, as well!! Your encouragement has kept me on this joyful journey!!