Monday, November 4, 2013

Composing and Decomposing Numbers and Pumpkins!! :)

Hello Everyone!
It finally feels like Fall here!! Yippee! I do love some good fall related activities in the classroom!  Today in math we worked on different ways to compose 10. Of course we started off on another life size board.  This time a stretched out 10 frame. 10 is a “friendly” number.  While introducing different strategies for addition and subtraction, growing  number sense to use  friendly  10  and understanding the relationship numbers  have to 10 will benefit our littles in many ways. We used giant candy corn to show different ways to fill the spaces to 10.  
The kids could easily see the relationships each side of the equation shows as we make 10

I also wanted to show you that we are composing and decomposing pumpkins in the classroom as well!  After our pumpkin investigations last week, we saved some of the pieces that were cut, and put them in a jar.  We are watching it decompose!! We also are trying to compose (grow) some pumpkin plants.  We cut the tops off some mini pumpkins and filled the cavity with potting soil, leaving all the seeds and pulp inside.  We can't wait to watch what happens!!
A good book to enjoy as you make observations is Pumpkin Jack By Will Russell.

 Stay tuned for more fall fun!!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek!  


  1. With the pumpkin experiments, does it get a little stinky in the room? :)

    1. We keep the decomposing pumpkin in a well sealed jar. Opening it would def. be a mistake!!! :( The growing pumpkin will not take long, and then we'll let someone take it home and plant it in their garden.! :)


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