Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Help! Santa's Stuck!

Hello Everyone!
I know! You're probably getting tired of seeing posts about this little unit, but each year this little lesson evolves a little bit more!!  I'm talking about "Santa's Stuck." We read this book every year and write about how we would get Santa free from our own chimney if he were to get stuck.  Our brainstorming/anchor chart turned out pretty great this year. The kids wrote their own ideas on little brick shaped pieces of paper and glued them to our chimney.  They had some awesomely creative ideas!!

Then the kids got busy and made their own "Santa's Stuck." This year we added a speech bubble coming from the chimney (You have to read the book to get it!)  They turned out so great!! The kids were very proud of their hard work

If you don't have it yet, you can get my whole Santa's Stuck unit

I also wanted to share an ultra mini unit, if you need something to help you teach about the forms of energy. I put together this 12 pager on a whim because I couldn't find much to help me teach it.  In first grade we only cover light, heat and sound energy, so that's what the unit consists of.  I will use it to supplement what I'm already doing and what I can find through media. Here are a couple of pics.

If this is something you think you might need or want,CLICK HERE!

OK! Gotta run!  So much to do this time of year, huh???  Hope your are doing ok!!  I am grateful you stopped by to check on what we've been up to!!
So much more on the way!! Stay tuned!!!


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