Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Retelling Stories

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by our blog to see what's happening in our first grade classroom!  This week we are working very hard on "retelling"stories we have read. Learning how to retell a story helps our little learners as readers and thinkers. It helps to organize thought, and recognize the thoughts we have during reading.  It helps us recognize when our thinking changes throughout our reading.  Characteristics of good retelling are: using character names, telling about the setting, including the happenings or plot (beginning, middle, and end), discussing the problem the character is having, and describing how the problem was solved. 
Today I introduced our "retelling rope." Each symbol represents the parts of a story.  I have used retelling ropes before, but revamped this with some better visuals. The kids really get it when they can actually manipulate the parts.  This year I wrote a simple poem to go along with our retelling activities. 
We practiced retelling several stories together using the large retelling rope, and then the kids got to make their own mini one to manipulate during their own reading time. After putting these together, some kids chose to work with others to retell a common story (The Lorax has become a favorite for some reason :) !) We also practiced recording our retelling thoughts. We will continue to work hard on this important skill!

When I read a story!

For your printable of these pages plus larger visuals to make your own retelling rope click here! :)

here's the link to the printable with student rope pics! :)

Or click here! :)

I love helping kids improve their retelling skills!!  Don't forget to retell your own stories with your kids!!!

Stop by again soon!!