Thursday, March 15, 2012

If I Can Think it

Hello Everyone,
Another quick post...Besides teaching reading, my other joy is teaching writing.  I am consistently amazed at the volume and quality writing I get from my first graders.  I truly believe that when kids are given the permission to write about anything they want, the better response you get!  Along with a more formal "Writer's Workshop" time my students write in their draft books every day.  I model my writing for them during a mini lesson and target a certain skill, but the kids can write about anything that might be on their minds.  I train them to come to school with some ideas about their draft book writing topics.  They know that they write best from their schema, but the sky is the limit!!  I have found that when they have that open sky, they soar!  I also train them to open their minds with this saying, "If I can think it, I can write it.  If I can write it, I can read it. If I can write it, I can read it, and so can others." I never hear, "I don't know what to write about."  :)

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Happy Writing!

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