Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reading With Your Child

Hello Everyone,
Ways to become a better reader??  Read, read, read, read.  We've all heard that, but I think there is more to, talk, talk, talk.  Someone once told me that learning floats on a sea of talk.  I believe this to be true!  Classrooms are noisy places, especially when it comes to reading! Talking about reading is a must!  Today I want to share a little printable that helps parents in talking about the books they read with their kids.  I love the book "Catching Readers Before They Fall" by Pat Johnson and Katie Keier.  The list of parent tips was adapted from that wonderful resource.  Let's get those kids talking!!!
Click here for your printable
Or use this link for google docs download! :)

Happy Reading...and Talking!! :)
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