Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sentence Surgeon

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back!  Today we spent a lot of time understanding that using synonyms and antonyms can build our vocabulary and make our writing better.  We decided that what better way to fix up a sentence, than to take it to the doctor,  the "Sentence Surgeon!"  Earlier this year we did an activity where we performed surgery on words to make contractions.  Knowing the kids had a ball with that, I knew they would love cutting words out of sentences and replacing them with others.  Each kiddo (doctor) was given a sentence (patient) and the surgical tools (scissors, tweezers, bandaids, gloves, mask, and a doctor coat (complete with name tag) to cut out one of the words.  They had to choose whether they wanted to replace that word with an antonym or a synonym.  Surgeries were successful! Phew!!

Showing off our surgical skills

I'm a Sentence Surgeon Printables? Click here.

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Oh! And by the way, most kids are now saying synonym and not cinnamon! :)

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