Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Author Celebrations

Hello Everyone!
Publishing children's writing is such a validating experience for them!!  Celebrating those publications is just as exciting!!  Today we were able to celebrate the published works of many of our kiddos!  Our school has an in house publishing company.  The volunteer moms and dads put in hours and hours to help as many students as they can go from rough draft to hard cover bound books that become a part of our library. This year our hard working volunteers found a company to bind the books and offer extra copies for parents to purchase. The company did a wonderful job! Check them out!! Most of my class took advantage of this amazing opportunity and this morning we celebrated writing and reading!

These books and many more become a part of our school library until the author leaves the school.

We do a ton of publishing in the classroom as well. Along with the writing conferences, editing, revising and publishing that we do with certain pieces, I also have wonderful parent volunteers come in twice a week to help kids "quick publish" pieces from kiddos' draft books. My first graders write in their draft books every day, and it would not be feasible to formally publish every piece. They pick out their favs and our volunteers help fix up spelling and punctuation. The kids leave each quick session with a mini book and with a sense of authorship!
Here are a couple of pics and my printable note to volunteer publishers.
Writing in draft book

Draft Book Writing
Note for Publishing Volunteers
Publishing Buckets

Published Minibooks

I love working on writing with kids!  I hope they all feel as though they can write anything they want!!

Keep writing along!!

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