Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sometimes It's the Little Things

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick post today about something small! A "Q" with a heart around it!  It always amazes me how something so small can make a difference in the quality of my kids' work.  At the beginning of the year we talk about the difference between work that is done with care (and with our personal best in mind) and work that is done carelessly. Work done with care will be quality work!  I have a little mini poster displayed that reminds the kids and me that "I Love Quality Work." I often will add that little symbol of a Q with a heart around it while checking written work. My kids love to see that!!! 
On Monday I am going to add another component to this idea.  I had some little red heartshaped gems left over from a Valentine activity. After adding a Q to each of them, I am going to keep some handy for passing out to kids who are showing quality work on something I may not be grading (draft book, math tubs, some daily 5 activities, etc.).  I think the kids are going to love it!!

I Love Quality Work!
click here for your mini poster printable

Kids love to see it on their work!

Tangible Quality Work Symbols

Sometime it is the little things that make a big difference!

Thanks for taking a peek today! 
Enjoy the little things!