Monday, March 19, 2012

Opposites Attract- Antonyms and Synonyms

Hello Everyone!
Great first day back after Spring Break!  The kids all sounded like they had a lot of family adventures!  We definitely took extra time to share this morning!!  One of our favorite lessons from today was one on antonyms and synonyms.  We read The Foot Book and learned that antonyms are really just opposites.  Then we went back through the book and replaced some of the sords with synonyms.  We then talked about how using words like these can make out own writing more interesting and more powerful,  Brainstorming antonyms and synonyms is a great way to increase vocabulary and expose kids to words that may not have thought of using.  We brainstormed words on a new anchor chart with a magnet on it to remind them that using interesting words like antonyms and synonyms can attract other great word choices and great writing!!  We'll be working on using antonyms and synonyms all week!! Fun Stuff!
Opposites Attract! :)

Each kiddo wrote either a set of antonyms
or a set of synonyms

  Good Job Kids!!!  Now the trick is to get the kids to say "synonym" and not "cinnamon!!"  :) So cute!!  It's going to be a great week!!

Have a great night!

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