Saturday, March 10, 2012

Camping Unit

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek into the wonderfilled world of first grade!  I want to share some highlights of our Camping Theme.  We had so much fun studying the animals you would find while camping, researching through Pebble Go, reading poetry, writing poetry, reading books, both fiction and nonfiction, writing our own nonfiction pieces, celebrating reading with camping day, and doing firefly science experiments. We got to show it all off at our annual Open House! Enjoy the view!!

Our favorite "camping" books!

Fishing Day! Fishing for Facts
Caught One!
Hiking Day!! Writing Acrostic Poems
I went hiking and saw...
Sight word stars on the ceiling! Can you see them?

Stargazing for sight words

I'm Sleeping in my sleeping bag...poetry
Reading to Flashlight

Reading to firefly light

Paper bag backpacks to hold some of our work!

Our very own little pup tent!!  Can't wait to read in here!!

Welcome to Camp VandenBerge!

hallway display of our animals

Happy Campers

Fireflies and Glowsticks Science!!

Put glowsticks in ice and hot water.  Look at the difference!!!

 Our Sci Fri experience was to ask questions about the effects of temperature on the brightness of glow sticks (fireflies). (Thanks to the sweet mom who supplied us with glowsticks for each kiddo!!!) We discovered that the warmer the environment, the brighter the glow!!!  The chemical reactions release more energy more quickly in a warm environment. Is that why we see more fireflies in the summer months???
firefly printables are here! :)

Fireflies and Glowsticks printable

Sleeping Bag Poem Printable

I can't wait to catch some fireflies this summer!!!

Thanks for taking a peek into our world!!
Hope your tomorrow is just as bright!!