Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello Everyone,
Just a quick share tonight!! Synthesizing is on tap for this coming week. So is learning about landforms. I decided to integrate the two and use the delightful classic, The Little Island by Golden MacDonald to help with synthesizing. Here's what I came up with.

Stay tuned.  I'll let you know how the kids did.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little Authors!!

Hello Everyone!
In my last post I said I would share some writing lessons I've done with my little firsties, but first I want to share a fun little math game we did this past week to practice comparing and ordering numbers up to 120. We pulled out our infamous life-sized 120 board (made on a shower curtain).  I found some darling little wind up chicks at the Dollar Tree and we used them to select our numbers to compare.  We wound up the chicks and let them hop hop hop until they ran out of steam and landed on a number.  The larger chick helped us phrase our comparisons.  We love to talk math!!
___ is greater than ___because __ tens/ones
 is more than __ tens/ones.

We can compare 2, 3, 4 numbers!!!

I was so pleased with how the kids were able to have fun and understand how to compare using our math language!  Way to go, kiddos!!  Can you guess what we'll be doing next week?  More practice ...   but with bunnies, instead!! Yay Dollar Tree!!

Now, on to our writing.  We have been working hard on expository writing over the past few weeks.  We started off writing to teach.  We selected something that we were "experts" at (We are all experts at something!!!), and wrote all about it to teach our readers. Having a place to do all our planning is important to my young authors.


This past week we worked on writing to teach someone "how to" do something!...How to eat Oreo Cookies!  Everyone eats them differently.  We did this same writing last year and it was very successful, so I decided to try it again!! 

Of course we had to practice eating an Oreo!! We wanted out steps fresh in our minds!! :)

Brainstorming words we would need
 for our "How To" writing

Publishing and celebrating!!

Both writing units come with mini reminder posters, brainstorming sheets, planning sheets, and mini book templates for publishing!  Hope you can use them!!

Now, off to celebrate another friend's marriage!! Love is certainly in the air!!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!  
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Math is in full "spring!"

Hello Everyone!
We are loving math lately!!  A couple of our favorite things we have done this week are our "Are You My Mother?" game and our "Scrambled Math." 
Our "Are You My Mother?" game came after reading the book by PD Eastman. The object of the game was to solve math problems to create a path for the baby bird to get to his mother. The kids each got a plastic egg with a number sentence  inside.  We took turns solving the problems and placing our eggs on the 120 board until a path was created!  Kids loved it!!  Lots of math talk!!


Our second favorite thing we did so far this week is "Scramble Math." We used oversized letter tiles similar to scrabble and created words.  Adding up the points for each word provided some practice with all the addition strategies we need to keep fresh! 

This game along with a ton more including an individual version of the Scramble Math are part of the packet I posted last week, but in case you missed it...

Finally I want to share what is going into my math tubs next week.  Lots of fun Spring math with a focus on comparing numbers to 120, with lots of opportunity for kids to talk math!!
Here are a few pics from the Spring Fling Packet.

If you would like to add some fun springtime math to your day,
There are six activities (28 pages) for your kids to enjoy!

I can't wait to share what we've been working on the past couple of weeks in writing!!  I am so proud of the work the kids are doing!!  So stay tuned!!!
Thanks for stopping by on this busy night. I appreciate you!! Your support keeps me sharing!!