Sunday, November 25, 2018

Kindness and Santa's Sack of CK Words

Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.   We had so much lovely family time filled with cooking, laughing, playing games, reminiscing, getting Christmas stuff up, shopping, and showing kindness in so many ways.  I am truly a little sad to see it winding down, the last of the feast gobbled up, and family going home.

Over the week off I did have some time to think back to the teachers who have made the greatest impact on my life.  All the ones who came to mind are the ones who were kind. Showing kindness helps to establish trust and rapport, which in my case opened the door to learning. Even discipline was more effective when administered with kindness. I have tried to show that to my own children as they grew, and I strive to show that same kindness to my students.  Some days are harder than others.  Days when I'm not as organized as I should be, when the kids just aren't getting "it," or when the interruptions keeeeeeep coming (You know those days!). I am absolutely going to work my very hardest to be the example of kindness I know I can be.  
Speaking of kindness, my kids learned all about the kindness of both the Pilgrims and the Native Americans during the first few years of life in the New World.  Here are a few pics of our celebration of that kindness.

Getting Ready For The Feast!

A Cornucopia of Fun For Dessert!


I love their words so much! 

My first act of kindness after this break is to share a quick little unit with you!  "Santa's Sack of -CK Words"  is a quick, fun little intro and practice of when to use ck at the ends of words. We are tackling that tricky spelling rule this week.  Here's what I came up with!

If you have that spelling rule coming up in the next few weeks, you can get this little mini unit...

I hope your week back is filled with much kindness!
Till next time...thank you for stopping by this little window on wonder! 


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