Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh No! Santa's Stuck!!

Hello Everyone!
I'm back again with another free unit!  I love taking one piece of literature and creating cross curricular activities to go along with it!! This time my unit is based on "Santa's Stuck" by Rhonda Greene, one of my favs for this season!  The 34 page unit includes some problem and solution Reader's Response activities, four math tub activities, a craft connection and a science activity!  I can't wait to do these with my kiddos.

Have fun singing this song!!

 I've been doing this activity for several years and love it.  Patterns are included in the unit.  Last year I even found some brick scrapbook paper to use for the chimney instead of just red construction paper.  I'm on a hunt for it again!
students organize facts so they balance on each side of the work mat and then record.

pattern for the mittens is included in the unit!   

 Don't get stuck, click here for your unit!!

Hope you enjoy this little unit! Let me know how you used it or if you would like to see anything else!
Now off to find my turkey for Thursday!! :)