Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poppin' with Sensory Details

Hello Everyone!
We had a poppin' good day today!! Continuing our use of "If you Take a Mouse to the Movies" celebration, we took note of Mouse's love of popcorn and decided to use it for our lesson on using sensory details in our writing to make it more interesting and exciting to read.
Of course we had to get out the hot air popcorn popper to get the full 5 senses experience!!  We had discussed the five senses before, so the kids were familiar with them.  I divided the kids up into groups with each group responsible for focusing on one of the senses while our popcorn was popping.  They wrote whatever they thought about as they were listening, watching, smelling, etc. The kids then had to share their ideas on our chart. Finally, we set off to write all about our experience.  I can't wait to share the amazing writing!!

Some things do smell "hot!"
The Popcorn activity is included in my If You Take a Mouse to the Movies unit. Click here for your free download.

I hope this lesson will help kids include sensory details in all their writing!! That would make me just POP!!!

Have a great evening!!



  1. Love this unit for senses and sharing equal amounts, counting, capacity, the list could go on! Did I mention how generous you are to be sharing so many great ideas - FREE! <3


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