Friday, November 9, 2012

Celebrating Friendship with Native Americans

Hello Everyone!
The past couple of days have been a celebration of friendship.  We read a sweet book called "The Littlest Pilgrim" by Brandi Dougherty. It is about a little Pilgrim girl who is too little to help or do anything with or for anyone else. We were feeling pretty sorry for this little one until she meets a little Native American girl.  Instant friendship! We cheered!!! We made some wonderful text connections with this book.  We make friends with those we have something in common with pretty easily, but how do you make other friendships?  We brainstormed some ideas. Kindness and compassion was a common theme!  
Then it was time to celebrate the friendships made in that historical time of the Pilgrims by creating our own Native Americans.  They turned out so cute. But I love the writing the most!!  Way to go kids!! 

We can be friends by showing kindness and compassion.

A wave of friendship!!

For a printable unit of the writing activity and patterns for the Native American, click here!

I am so happy to have friends all over the world. I love being able to share with you all!  Thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement with this whole blogging thing. You all inspire me!!
Have a wonder-filled weekend!!