Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Pinch of Grinch- Free Unit

Hello Everyone!
I've been busy getting my Grinch on!  Creating, organizing, and updating all my Grinch stuff has been a JOY!!  I'm sharing what I have so far in case you want a peek. If you are a parent or a student of mine, please log off right now! :) I want these activities to be a surprise for my kiddos!!  Thanks!! If you are a teacher, or home schooler, take a peek at the samples of what is already a 33 page unit.******** It includes some author's message, character analysis, adjective study, a math tub game, a mystery picture, science, songs, poetry activities and more!!  There will be more to come, but I've got to get my turkey on, too!! :) *********** Please see the message at the bottom of this post!!!

What is Dr. Seuss' message?

Text Connection Activities

Here's to the meaning of Christmas!! 
 Love that Dr. Seuss!
Have a good one!