Monday, November 5, 2012

"Building" 10

Hello Everyone!
Life size math is the best! Today we worked on "building" Friendly 10 in math and I decided to make one of my life-size work mats. And because we were building, why not give the whole lesson a construction theme?  I got these cute construction hats this summer at...guess where? You got it! Dollar Tree! I also got the Leveling tools and paint sticks to finish out the work mat. 
We worked on all the different ways there were to compose or build 10, beginning with 0 + 10, then 1+ 9, moving kids in the addend positions and the sum position. So fun. Now we will work on using what we experienced with our life sized mat and apply it to  paper and pencil.
I took just a couple of pics of the kids and the actual work mat in action.  I've included some pics of a little unit I put together to help kids with the pencil/paper activities.

Unit includes 3 different fall themed student recording sections. 9 pages total!

We can't wait to use our "Building" materials again!! 
Till then!