Sunday, November 11, 2012

Five Fat Turkeys!

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to do a quick share of a fun little poem/chant/song (whatever you want to call it) that we worked on this past week. I'm not even sure where this little song came from.  I've had it for a gazillion years!! But 5 Fat Turkeys went right along with our composing and decomposing numbers, and First, Next, Last concepts in reading. I love it when I can use literature to connect with a math concept and math to connect with an ELA concept! I've included the song, stick puppets for the kids to make, and a recording activity.  Enjoy!!  (I didn't get any pics of the kids actually doing the project, but I can tell you, they are ready to perform for their holiday audiences! :) We even sang it for our Principal!  I wish I could tell you the tune. It's just been in my head for a while.  I don't think it is a piggy back tune. But you can make something up- or just chant it! :)

 Quick! Click here before all the turkeys get away! Get your 5 page little mini unit here!

Moms and Dads, get ready for your little sweetie to perform a  little puppet play next week during your Thanksgiving celebration!!
Have fun with it!!


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