Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Double Mints! Math Mints, that is!

Hello Everyone!
Remember those commercials? Double your pleasure. Double your fun? Double Mint Gum! ... Ugh!  I think I am giving away my age!  Oh well! :)
Today we worked hard on "Double Mints!"  We have been working some with doubles every day, but we wanted to get the kids really focused on this addition strategy and be able to use it for doubles + 1 as well.  I made a huge mint just out of butcher paper and brought in some starlight mints. The kids took turns showing a quantity of mints and deciding if it could be written as a doubles or a doubles + 1 number sentence. Then they got to make their own "math mints" out of paper plates and clear cellophane, writing some of the doubles facts on the mints!  Great job kids!
Using this along with our "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" unit. That's why the mouse is pictured! :)

You can use this same idea and have kids write fact families, chunk words, sight words, etc. I've made these with kids the past gazillion years, and have had fun every time!  The kids thought they looked great hanging up above their desks!  

That's it for tonight! Busy day tomorrow!  
 Thanks for stopping by for a peek into our wonder-filled world!


  1. I LOVE those Double Mints! Such a cute idea!!!

  2. Nancy,
    I am soooo glad I found your site! Love your wonderful ideas. You are very creative and talented! Would love to visit your classroom.
    I am in Fort Worth.


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