Saturday, December 19, 2015

Giving Sweet JOY!

Hello Everyone!
It is the season of giving!! One of my very favorite things to do, especially this time of year, is for the kids to create something to give to someone else.  In this day and time, we sometimes battle the "gimme's," or the "I wants." This year when the Spangler Candy company contacted me about their Holiday Craft Promotion, I knew I wanted the kids to create something including Dum Dums with a different purpose.
  Many of you know that JOY is not just word that I "collect," I try to share my joy with as many people as I can reach.  It is a perfect sentiment for kids to share as well. So,combining Dum Dum lollipops, the spirit of giving, and the feeling of  JOY into a holiday card was easy!!  This holiday craft will work for any time of the year, any holiday, any special occasion! Simply print, color, cut, glue, insert Dum Dum, write a personal note, and give!!
Here are some quick pics!

The kids were so excited about making these.  They wanted to make more, and more, and more!! They didn't even care that there weren't enough Dum Dums for them to have one! (I kept some aside and gave them one later!!) They kept thinking about to whom they would give their cards!! Many thought they might give their cards to random strangers who might need a little sweet joy. Some thought they might give them to lonely neighbors. Others thought they would give them out to their friends or family members. Loved it!!! The sparkle in their eyes was real and genuine!!
Thank you, Spangler Candy Co. for this sweet opportunity!!  I can't wait to hear the stories about delivering the cards!!
If you would like to try this with your kids, 

Have fun sharing the sweet joy!!
Till next time, thanks for stopping by for a peek into our Window on Wonder!!  You never know what we are up to!! Don't forget to leave a comment!!
Happy Holidays!!

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