Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friendly Numbers, Number Vines, and Fairy Tale Day!

Hello Everyone!
My apologies for the lack of posting this week.  Wow!! Still reeling after the amazingly full week!  Yes, I did grab a few pics!  In math we were learning about estimating using "Friendly Numbers." We started off on the life size ten frame. We talked about how some numbers are easier with which to work and when it comes to estimating, we naturally go to those numbers. All the work we had done on subitizing came in handy.  We worked initially with 0, 5, and 10. Then later in the week added 15 and 20. 
After working on the ten frame, we discovered how estimating looked on a number line.  Except, it wasn't just a number line, it was a "Number Vine!" Large pumpkins were the friendly numbers. It was easy for the kids to see how close the friendly numbers were to the numbers we were working with!!

Show how many and then what "friendly number" it is closest to.

Knowing about those friendly number estimates will help these little ones understand reasonableness when we delve into addition and subtraction strategies. So stay tuned!!

We had a blast on our annual Story Book Character Day. We had our first graders dress up as Fairy Tale Characters because that is what we were studying.  They looked amazing!! Here are a few pics.  I wish I would have gotten everyone!!
Peter X 3

Princesses- from several countries!!

Witch, Dorothy, Little Red, and More!


The Wolf!

Puss in Boots :)

And of course my fabulous team got into the spirit by dressing as characters from Cinderella!

The Not so Ugly Stepsisters, Cinderella (Pre-Princess), and The Fairly Fairy Godmother! :)

I have the best team!!!  Thanks for giving your all, Sistas!
I'll be back soon with pics from our Pumpkin Math and Science Day!! OH MY! Such fun!

Thanks for stopping by for a peek!!  I love to read your comments!! Let me know how you teach estimating!
Stay tuned for more fun!

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  1. Love the friendly numbers pack - I've never seen anything like it! You are so creative! Great Halloween pics too! Have a wonderful week!


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