Monday, July 16, 2012

Tissue Towers!

Hello Everyone! 
 My fun find of the day??  I had to stop at Target for some crates to start making my crate seats, and just happened to run into a display of the cutest boxes of tissues!! Yes, tissues!!!They looked like giant wooden blocks- you know the kind with the letters!! Have you seen them? I can't wait to use these for word work activities, games, manipulatives, etc, etc, etc.  The cashier at Target thought I was a bit whacko buying so many boxes, but who cares?? She ended up giving me a discount for using the crates I got for shopping bags instead of using her plastic ones!  It was a good trip!! Isn't it amazing how small things can make you so happy? 

Made sure I got all the vowels!

Made sure I got a V, I, and K! 
 I call my kids VandenBerge's VIK's.  Very Important Kids!

I can't wait to use up all the tissues so I can use the boxes!!  Love products with a double duty!! 

Run to Target!!