Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little Love in the Mail!

Hello Everyone!
You know how we always end the year with "Make sure you read and write over the summer!" Well, imagine my delight when I received a sweeeeeeet little note from one of VIK's (Very Important Kids) in the mail today!!!  After spending all day working on my new room, I  came home, opened my mailbox and there it was!!  My heart is still smiling big time!!!   Thank you so much, Ramey!!! And I'm sure mom had something to do with it!!! Thank you Kari!!!  I absolutely love that you are taking time out of your busy summer to practice reading and writing!!! ...and sending me a little love!!! You know I will write you back!! Expect a letter in the next day or two!!
As a teacher you always wonder if you have made a difference in your kiddos.  Yes!!!!  It makes me even more excited for this coming year!

Sooooo Sweeeet!

Sorry such a quick post, but this girl is pooped!!!
(And I have a little letter to write!)  :)

Have a joy filled evening!

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  1. How sweet! Those are the reason we became a teacher!! What a difference you have made in that childs life!


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