Friday, July 13, 2012

Chrysanthemum...What a Perfect name!

Hello Everyone!
Hope you're about to have a funfilled weekend!  During tutoring today, one of my little sweeties reminded me of the cutest book. She remembers me reading it to the class a couple of years ago and still loves it!!  I know there is a lot you can do with the Kevin Henkes book, "Chrysanthemum" especially at the beginning of the year. We will do a lot of the letter counting, comparing, etc, but I also love to make sure kids realize how Chrysanthemum felt while the kids in her class were making fun of her name,  We spend a lot of time discussing how much it hurts when someone makes fun of something as simple as your name! I put together a little mini-unit which contains directions about how to create the "Wrinkled Heart." I also included a poem, an anchor chart for vocabulary, a couple of student recording sheets for reader's response, and a cute little craft connection with patterns if you need!
This little book has proven to me that kids remember the important lessons an author is trying to teach us through his stories. Thanks, Kevin Henkes, for helping make my job so easy!!

A Poem For Our Poetry Folder

An Anchor chart for the wonderful vocabulary

Cute Craft Connection-
Notice the mouse is made from hearts! :)

Always Use Kind Words Wrinkled Heart

for your free 16 page mini unit, click here!! :)

We've been doing these Wrinkled Hearts for the past
7 or 8 years and I can't wait to do it again!
Just like Chrysanthemum, your name is perfect!!