Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buckaroo Buckets

Hello Everyone!
Have I told you how much I love getting my classroom ready for each school year?  I have loved redoing my new space with some of my old "stuff" but I also am having fun making a few new things.  Today I made our "Buckaroo Buckets" for small group work.  I have loved seeing so many ideas for the little crate seats.  I was all set to make those and even had the plywood in hand, when I spied the blue Lowe's buckets!  They were only $2.69 each! And they were blue!!  I talked the guy at Lowe's into throwing in some tops that would fit, and then found some cheap little cushions (the kind they use for bar stools), and some cute ribbon, and voila!  Our cute, comfy, new, and don't forget cheap  "Buckaroo Buckets!  They have room for storage, and they have a handle for easy moving!  I think I love them!! I can't wait for some guided reading time with my new firsties!!!

Give it a try! So quick, so easy, so cheap, so cute!!

Have fun!!!