Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Science Notebook

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick post tonight. I've got to get ready for our 4th of July celebration!! Among so many other things, I love teaching science to my sweeties!  I have posted many things already that we have done in science, but I realized I hadn't posted about how we organize all of our recording sheets, observations, and explorations. We keep everything in our Science Notebook (just a brad pocket folder). At the very foundation of our teaching of science is establishing an environment that promotes inquiry and create an investigative mindset in our kiddos. Our first unit of study is "Scientists and their Investigations." I have reworked our Notebook cover and created some beginning of the year "Scientist" activities, including "What do scientists do?" "What do I want to learn?" and a few other things. Throughout the year we will add more to our notebook.  I hope this helps you get started! Just print these off, punch some holes and start the exploration!

If you are one of my kiddos reading this (or parents), don't forget that you can bring your notebook to the zoo the next time you go,  In the children's pavillion, you can show the keeper your notebook and he will give you points to be used for trading in on some amazing science specimens for you to keep!! So cool!!

Okay! I'm off to make some yummy munchies for tomorrow!!!
Happy fourth y'all!!