Saturday, December 3, 2011

Math Mints (practicing fact families)

A view from today... We have been working very hard on fact families.  This week we decided to incorporate the practice into the season by creating math mints.  The inspiration of course was starlight mints with the red and white stripes.  The kids drew swirled lines coming from the middle of the bottom of two paper plates (just the cheap plates!), and then colored every other one red. I gave the kids two numbers for each plate.  They had to derive the four facts (two addition and two subtraction) from those numbers.  The facts were written on the white stripes of each plate. We glued the plates together, top to top and wrapped  the mint with clear wrap.  Kids helped each other tie yarn around the ends and we trimmed the edged.  Voila!!  Math mints! They look cute hanging up in the room! Simple, easy, cheap, fun! Try it!
Happy tomorrow!

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