Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Magic of Spring

Hello Everyone!
My apologies for the lack of posting lately.  I am sure you know how busy it gets at school this time of year.  Along with all the regular testing, field tripping, and other curriculum "have-to's," I wanted to share  another fun project we've just finished up.  A couple of weeks ago, the Spangler Candy company (yes, the ones who make Dum Dums and Smarties!) contacted me about a special project.  They have a "Magic of Spring" campaign going, where you create a magic garden.  Well, of course, when they asked if I wanted to participate, I said, "Absolutely!" They sent me a little kit and I took it from there! It turned out to be a wonderfully sweet project and it was a great lead-in to our plant unit!!!  Here are a few pics.
The mystery package arrives!

Making "soil" by crushing chocolate cookies!

Planting a magic jelly bean!

"Magic Sprinkles!"

What will grow?


What?????  Magically, some Dum Dums grew!!!

Let's plant some more!

The Magical Mystery Garden grew!!

It was so fun, we decided to write a shape poem about our Mystery Flavor!

Our Magical Mystery Garden poems

You can watch a little video I made to showcase the fun!

I also created a little printable unit in case you want to try this wonderfully sweet little "Magic of Spring" fun!  Here are some pics from the unit!

We couldn't have done this without the amazing ideas from The Spangler Candy Company!!  Thank you, Everyone!!

For more info on this opportunity, go to

We had so much fun!  What a great inspiration for some thinking, talking, writing, and so much more!

Next up? Some more amazing poetry!! 
Until then, thanks for stopping by for a peek through the window of wonder that is first grade!
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Joyfully and "sweetly!"

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