Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falling For Place Value

Hello Everyone!!
Quick post today! I think fall might actually be in the air...I do see a few leaves falling, even though the temps are not.  Hope it's cooling down a bit for you all. This season is a favorite for so many people and it so inspirational!  We are beginning a two week unit on place value on Monday, so I created a fun little fall inspired unit.  Place value is such an important objective that all kids should grasp as it leads to deeper thinking about numbers and mathematical principles.  Place value is the basis of our entire number system. A place value system is one in which the position of a digit in a number determines its value. In the standard system, called base ten, each place represents ten times the value of the place to its right. You can think of this as making groups of ten of the smaller unit and combining them to make a new unit.Ten ones make up one of the next larger unit, tens. Ten of those units make up one of the next larger unit, hundreds. Of course this pattern continues for greater values (ten hundreds = one thousand, ten thousands = one ten thousand, etc.), and lesser, decimal values (ten tenths = one one, ten hundredths = one tenth, etc.). 
This little unit will help you introduce and practice place value with your youngest learners. Here are a few pics.

The unit ended up to be about 56 pages long.  Most of the tub activities are print and go, except you will need some small leaf shaped table scatters or confetti, some cups, and a fork or spoon.

As always, please let me know if you spot any typos or inconsistencies.  Sometimes I get going on these so fast that I don't always do the best editing!  Thanks, friends!!
I'll be back soon to tell you about last week and about something awesome that this old lady got to do!!
Have a great rest of this fall weekend!

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