Sunday, November 1, 2015

A little pumpkin and...Cinderella's in the house!

Hello Everyone!
Can you believe it is already November??  What?? Where has the time gone?  October was, of course, sooo busy.  Here are a couple of pics of a few things we were able to accomplish!
One of our favs to read this time of year!

Finding the "interesting words" in our reading!
Using those interesting words in a hands on visual

Thumpety, bumpety!

Creepy Peepers Scoot- Friendly numbers

How many Creepy Peepers?

Pumpkin seed estimating and counting!
Pumpkin math and science day!

We found a sprouting seed in one of the pumpkins!!
My team dressed as Stellaluna for our storybook character day!!

This week we are getting into fairy tales!!  One of my favorite units!  I added quite a bit to our Cinderella unit from last year. Along with learning about what a fairy tale includes, we will work on retelling stories, character analysis, plural nouns, past tense verbs, short vowel ck words, and states of matter.  I added some activities to accommodate those objectives.  So if you need a bit more to add to your fairy tale unit, or if you used the unit last year and can use the additions, please redownload.
Here are a few pics:

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