Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hello Everyone!!
This time of year makes for busy households and busy school days...but we power through...and glean those precious moments of pure joy with our families and with our students. One more day left of this wonderful week at school. Yes, we are completely exhausted, and yes, we are ready for a winter break, but...yes, the sparkle in those little eyes makes it all worth while! We have so enjoyed the work of Dr. Seuss this week with his wonderful tale of a changing heart and the transforming traditions of life and love. We got to celebrate Grinch Day today with some fun learning experiences. Here are a few pics!
My crazy fun team!!!

Grinch Kabobs

Grinch Grime

Adjective Work

Tons of Math!!

Who Pudding!

Green Candy Canes!

All of this fun stuff is available in my Updated Grinch Unit.

We also had a special delivery today...straight from the North Pole!  Santa discovered that my kids had such giving hearts, he wanted to give them something special. He sent them each a special key to set out and have ready for him to use when he comes on Christmas eve.  
I will tell you, I think the kids were more excited about that than all the Grinch stuff put together!!

(A little hint...After packaging the keys and tags, put the box in the freezer!  The keys will stay cold for quite a while!! SHHHHHH!!)

I have so much more to share with you, but I am sooooo out of time!!! I'll be back soon!  Until then, thanks for stopping by our little "Window on Wonder!"  I am hoping you have a wonderfilled last few days with your kids and a restful family filled break!  

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