Sunday, February 19, 2017

Word Surgery and a New Unit on Owls!

Hello Everyone!!
Finally had a few minutes to sit and write a post!  I know I don't have to tell you how busy life can get.  Sometimes it's hard to carve out some time to create and share!!  Thanks for your patience!
Last week we worked very hard on reading and writing contractions.  On Friday I pulled out our "Word Surgery" unit along with all the doctor supplies.  I love this unit for so many reasons.  You know that adding a hands on element to any lesson helps kids to internalize key concepts. But don't forget that role playing also adds a fun element!!  I turned my students into little surgeons!  I have posted this before, but my kids really loved it this year, so I thought I share it again!!!

Kids were able to choose their "patients." (words that could be turned into contractions)  Then, donning their doctor garb, they cut the patient, and stitched it back together!!  Words ended up in the recovery room.  I think we have some future doctors on our hands!!! Great job kids!!!
If you would like to try this:
You can CLICK HERE!!! :) for the unit!!!

The unit also includes some fun ways to add interesting words (adjectives and adverbs) to sentences!!! We'll work on that next!!!

Starting next week we begin a 2-3 week unit on the characteristics, adaptations, life cycles, etc. of animals.  We decided to take one animal and really research the differences and wonder of it.  To go along with the whole camping theme we have going, we decided to study owls.  I have created an all inclusive  and cross curricular unit on owls, with opportunity for student research, poetry, written expression, artistic expression, and so much more!!  I am so excited to begin this journey of exploration with them.  
Here are a few pics from the 150 page unit!

This is just a taste of what is included!!!  I hope you can use even a bit of it!!!

I can't wait to get started!!!! I'll be sure to share pics along the way! 
OK! Off to collect some feathers and write up some poetry!  Have a wonderful week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!!!
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