Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ick ack ock practice!:)

A view into today...This week we have been practicing the chunks ick, ack, and ock.  I wanted to have the kids practice in a unique, but substantial way. So to tie our chunks in with the season, we created ock socks, ack sacks and ick sticks.  Kids were able to bring many skills in as they enjoyed creating the craft connection.  Here are some pics!
Happy tomorrow!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Wants...

A View from today...Well, the day we get back from thanksgiving break, and the talk about Santa and Christmas is already in the air!  I love this time of year with my first graders.  They bring so much sweetness to the hustle and bustle already intact in the world.  I love slowing down with them and talking about fun things like what if Santa lived in Texas instead of the North Pole.  It reminded me of an activity we did with the kids last year. After reading several books about Santa, and talking about all he does, we got on the subject of what he would want for Christmas.  If Santa lived in Texas and could tell us what he wanted for Christmas, what do you think he would ask for?  After brainstorming, we created Cowboy Santas and added speech bubbles with Santa's words. They turned out sooo cute!  Thought I'd share.  Easy to make.  Create patterns, kids can trace, cut,  and personalize.  Have fun!!
Have a great tomorrow!! Enjoy the wonder!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Polisher, November 27, 2911

A peek into today...As I was getting ready for tomorrow, (the first day back after a week off) I really was excited to share with the kiddos some new things I want to do with them, and then it occurred to me that I am so glad that I am excited!  My job as an educator is so important.  I want to make that difference that everyone talks about.  I believe that every kiddo is important and worth every bit of my time and energy.  I have a poem hanging in my classroom, right by my desk.  It has been there for many years, but I need to read it every day!  It is called "The Star Polisher" written by Leah Becks.  She reminds me that I have such an important "job."  I have posted it here for you so you can download and print.  I think every teacher needs a reminder once in a while.  You are important to your kids!!
Have a great tomorrow!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Bullying- crumpled hearts

There has been a lot of talk about bullying the past few years.  Kids are being taught strategies for what to do when bullying comes to play in their lives.  One very good visual is to read the book Chrysanthemum.  I love this book because it shows that mean words can and do hurt. They hurt hearts. As Chrysanthemum enters school she is bullied by classmates about her name.  As I read the book to the class, I pass around a large paper heart.  Everytime one of the characters in the book makes fun of Chrysanthemum, the kids take turns crumpling up the paper heart.  As it turns out, at the end of the story Chrysanthemums teacher has an interesting name as well.  She announces that she might name her child Chrysanthemum!  The other characters stop bullying Chrysanthemum!  In class we try to smooth out the crumpled heart, but it never is quite the same.  I let the kids put bandaids on the heart and hang it up as a yearlong visual to the importance of using kind words!!

Candy Corn Activities, October 2011

We had a lot of fun using candy corn as a jumping off place last month.  We, of course, needed to use all of our senses to experience candy corn. Yum! (Because I have a peanut allergy kiddo in my class, I had to be careful of the candy corn I got.  Kroger brand is peanut free. )  After experiencing the feel, smell, and taste of the sweet treat, we brainstormed words for a "corn-quain" (cinquain.)  We made a large chart for kiddos to have access to as they worked on their own.  For the kids version, we cut orange, yellow, and white paper to write each section of the  cornquain.  My kids had a lot of fun playing with words in a simple way.  Great way to review verbs and adjectives, too!!
Along with our cornquains, we did a lot of addition and subtraction practice using candy corn, as well as creating patterns with candy corn pics I printed from the web. 
We also practiced our best handwriting using a poem about 5 candy corns, and then glued a star made from candy corn.
As a culminating activity and to celebrate cooperation we created a large star made from collage candy corn. (Magazine colors glued to paper)  Sounds corny, but the kids had a blast!!  Enjoy the pics! Hope you had a sweet Ocotber!!