Saturday, March 30, 2013

Write to Teach

Hello Everyone,
We are about to begin our unit on "How To" writing pieces.  Our youngest authors will be learning that they can use their writing to teach someone how to do something.  They are all experts at doing something, right? :) What a way to share their enthusiasm for telling how something is done.  Let them write!!  I am sharing my mini unit on how to teach this important component of our littles' writing portfolios.  This unit can be used in conjunction with any theme, science, social studies, etc. that may be in your curriculum already.  During our landforms unit, I will have them write about how they made the Edible Landforms Cookie.  You can get that unit ***Here! :)
Here are a couple of shots of what is included in the writing unit.

Teaching the concept of using transition words is emphasized in this unit.

The mini unit is 16 pages of mini posters, planners, and mini book pages to help your young authors become teachers.  You can get it ***Here! :) Please leave me a note if you think this is something you can use, or if you would like to see a different format. 

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Have a wonder-filled weekend! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet!!

Hello Everyone!
Another fun day in first grade today.  As a culminating literature selection for our study on animals, I chose the classic "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet." This Dr. Seuss gem was actually one of my favorites as a girl. Yes, it's that old.  However, it still remains a fabulous choice for my firsties to enjoy!
We are comparing and contrasting animals from the different groups this week. Today the kids wrote about why it would be kind of fun to have duck feet! After writing our literature response, (Daily 5-Work on Writing), we just had to create some duck feet and try them out!!
We cut some simple duck feet shapes out of foam, added a few details, punched some holes and tied them to our feet with yarn. Sooooo fun!!
Our brainstorming!!  Maybe duck feet would be great!!

 HMMMMM!!  After walking around in our duck feet, I think most kids decided that they were glad they had human feet!! :)  Of course, we didn't get to try them out in water!! :) 

My little animal unit includes a mini poster for each of the main animal groups, 5 written expression opportunities to go along with our literature selection, and a quick homophone activity.

Til next time, thanks for taking time out your day to enjoy our day with us!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

"Eggs"tra Special Plane Figures

Hello Everyone,
Today we reviewed some of the plane figures the kids would be working with this week; the figures they find in their pattern blocks. We discussed what an attribute was and what kinds of attributes different pattern blocks have. We spread out the figures on a large plastic egg shaped work mat.(Spring has sprung!) As we looked at each figure closely, we wrote down (with a wipe off marker) the attributes we discovered, including  numbers of sides and  vertices.

One of the activities in my math tubs this week is a game called Egg Toss Tally.  I simply took an egg carton, put the pattern block figures in the cups.  The kids have to toss a ball into the egg carton. count up the number of sides on the shape in the cup where the ball lands and record it. Toss the ball 4 times and then add all four tosses together. (A little plane figure practice and a little addition practice all wrapped up into one activity!)

Click here for your own fun little activity! :)

Stay tuned for more math fun........and a little fun from that boy who wished he had duck feet! HUH??  :)
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sweet Peep Treat!

Hello Everyone,
Just a super quick post today. My little peeps have been working so hard, I'm getting a little Sweet Peep Treat ready for them to give them later next week. ( If you are one of my little peeps...log off right now!! :) No peeking!)
 I did a similar treat last year, but ventured into creating my own this year.  All you need are some "Peeps" marshmallow treats and a sandwich or snack size ziploc baggie. Print off the tag, stuff the bags, staple and have fun celebrating your little peeps!

  For your own printable peep tag, click here!

(clip art by scrappin doodles!)  Love them!!

Have a peeptastic weekend!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eat Your oo Words- Froot Loops

Hello Everyone!
I know I have posted about my "Eat Your Words" word work choice before, but today we did the kids' favorite one.  This week we are working on the long and short sounds of oo. We've worked hard on practicing the sounds and words all week, so it was time for this fun choice.  Kids end up reading and writing each word three times through this one little word work choice.  They should be ready for our spell check tomorrow!  Kids simply pick out oo words they would like to practice, write them with pencil, trace over them with any color marker, review where the oo is in each word with two Froot Loops, and then read the words to me or a friend!  OH! And then munch their oo's! 

We love having fun with words.  Manipulating letters helps kids cement their learning. "Eating words"     
literally internalizes them!!  Ha Ha!
Anyway, have a great Friday!! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Up close and personal with animal teeth!

Hello Everyone!
Who knew that studying animal teeth would be so engaging???  We had a blast today reviewing what animals eat and how their teeth fit with their diet.  I hope you have picked up our new favorite book! "What If You Had Animal Teeth?"  It describes the nonfiction and fiction fun of animal teeth!
We wrote about which teeth we would want to have yesterday. Scroll down to see that post.  Today we got up close and personal with animal teeth.  I love collecting fun things for our science center.  I have a bull skull which includes many of his teeth, a small deer jawbone, and a good friend just gave me an elk skull with teeth.  We had an amazing time examining each one.  Have you ever wiggled a bull's tooth?? :)  Tooo Cooool!!  
Anyway, we also got to do our self portraits showing off which animal teeth we would like to have.  They turned out waaaaaaaaaay cute!!  The kids had so much fun!  Take a look!
Loved that this little one wore her kitty cat sweater because she wrote about wanting to have cat teeth! :)

Did you know snake teeth fold back into little pockets when they close their mouths?? Hmmmm...

                 Open wide everyone!! Here we come!!  
Anyway, the patterns for this precious activity are in this unit HERE!! :)

Thanks for stopping by our little toothy part of the world, our little first grade classroom! We appreciate you!!
Now off to work on report cards for these little darlings!! They have each grown so much these last nine weeks! WOW!!
Can't wait!