Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's snowing! Oh, wait! It's just math!

Hello Everyone!
A super quick post tonight!  I have got to finish my book club book!  I'm running out of time!  
Today we continued work on composing and decomposing numbers up to 120. Our math mini lesson was to brainstormed some interesting patterns we were seeing in some of our addition and subtraction work from earlier this week. We then, chose our favorite patterns and created some sparkly snowflakes to show them off.  Take a peek!  

almost a winter wonderland :)
 Here's a quick snowflake pattern if you want it! :) click here!

Ok!! Off to read, read, read!!!
Have a great night!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snowman Soup and Marshmallow Men!

Hello Everyone!
Snowman Soup??  That's right!  Our first graders are earning snowballs to trade in for Snowman Soup on Friday. This time of year we sometimes need extra incentives to keep kids motivated!  We came up with this fun idea to incorporate into our snowy theme this week. Each kiddo has a bag where he/she is collecting "snowballs" (cotton balls)  to trade in for different things on the Snowman soup Station Menu.

Graphics are courtesy of djinkers!!

We have also turned it into a math activity practicing that "Missing Addend" concept that so many kids have trouble with.

  On Friday kids will have the opportunity to visit the Snowman Soup Station and buy ingredients with their snowballs.
Want to try it? Click here for the printables!!

Today we continued with our "There's Snow Time Like Winter" fun with some practice with adjectives using poetry, a craft connection with a writing component.  We showed the kids how to make these cute little marshmallow snowmen, and then brainstormed as many adjectives as we could think of to describe him!  We also enjoyed the language in this cute little poem.  

 All these activities, craft connections, including patterns, and poem are available here. Click!

Such a fun day!  Stay tuned for more fun learning!  Thanks for stopping by this little look into the amazing world of first grade!!  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank You!! And Headline News! Kids caught throwing snowballs in class!

Hello Everyone!
Oh My Goodness!  I never thought my little side note the other day would raise so many comments and e-mail messages!  I seriously had no idea the bridges created by this little blog. I am absolutely humbled and completely thrilled by the amazingly sincere and honest thoughts that so many of you shared with me!  I've tried to reply to most of you, but I wanted to just send out a HUGE HUG to each and every one. I feel so blessed...and excited!  I am going to get back on track and continue sharing my heart with you all.  
This week in first grade we are focusing on snow, snowballs, all things cold!  And yes, you read the title of my post correctly!  We were throwing "snowballs" in class!  We were reviewing strategies to use when adding 2 digit numbers (simple base 10 numbers for now) and what better way than to let  the kids throw snowballs at numbers and add them up!! I took a Twister game and wrote numbers on the dots with wipe off markers. Then used large "poof balls" to throw.  The kids had a recording sheet to write addition sentences.  So fun!
 We had cubes in sets of 10 to help kids who still needed manipulatives.

Today we really got into throwing "snowballs!"  This time each kiddo got plain white paper with either an addition sentence or a sum on it.  They crumpled them up and threw them like you would a snowball.  Then they had to pick up a different snowball and uncrumple it, read it, and find the kiddo who had the "match" to their snowball.  Way too much fun!!  

The kids had so much fun, I knew I needed to share! 

Click here for a little mini math unit!
I've included a mini game board for individual play or small group. Also included are 24 addition sentence and sum pages for really throwing your math knowledge around!! Total unit is 24 pages-most are black and white. The colored ink "police" are on alert! :)

Yes! The headlines were correct!  Kids were caught throwing snowballs in class!!  And they were having a ball learning about math!!  Join the fun!

Stay tuned for some more snowball fun tomorrow including a fun incentive program we've got going for our kids!!
Until then, stay warm! and again, thank you for warming my heart so generously!!
I love you all!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray! It's the 100th day!

Hello Everyone!
The 100th day of school is quickly approaching!! First graders have been counting every day from the first day of school!  The number 100 is a very exciting number for our little friends!  There are so many activities you can do to celebrate 100.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I love to focus on one piece of literature or idea and design lessons around them that include our learning objectives for the week.  I have had a lot of fun putting together this unit which includes activities for inferencing, interpreting text, poetry, written expression, questioning, conceptual categories, adverbs, comparing and ordering numbers and place value, as well as some fun activities.  Here are a few pics from the unit.

for your copy of my 100th day unit, click here!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Our wonderful school will culminate the 100th day with a balloon release. Attached to the balloons are info cards so that anyone who finds a balloon can contact the school.  A great geography, weather, and communication project!!
Here are a couple pics from last year! Simply beautiful!!

Just a quick side note.  I received an e-mail the other day implying that I share too much, and that I should limit the "freebies" that I offer. WOW! Can someone share too much?  I promise that it is not my intent to infringe on those trying to sell products.  I truly don't even think my units compare to those that are for sale on various sites. (I find tons of typos on my stuff-ugh!- so unprofessional)  I truly enjoy creating lessons and sharing with those who are looking for another way to teach certain concepts. From the beginning of time teachers have shared with each other for the good of their students.  Should that change? What are the limits? Are there "rules" for sharing? Help!!  If I have offended anyone with my offerings, please accept my apologies! 
On the other hand, I have also received countless comments and e-mail messages of thanks from teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and even college professors who appreciate this blog and my work, and use what I offer as springboards for their own endeavors. YAY!!  That is exactly how I measure what I want to share.  
I am not sure which outweighs the other.  Please let me know via the comment section below, or e-mail ( what you are feeling.  My heart is sad for those who are suffering because of my sharing, but also rejoicing for those who can benefit. What to do????!!!
Sorry, this was a little more than a "quick side note!" 

Anyway, have a joyful weekend!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Doctor is in!

Hello Everyone!
So much fun today with all my little doctors!  A couple of years ago I saw an idea from another teacher friend (Buzzing About 2nd Grade- January 31, 2011) about how she taught contractions. She had the kids do surgery on the words.  Well, we took that same idea and ran with it!  (I posted about this same activity last year and I knew the kids would love it! )   We took words that wanted to be used to make contractions.  They became our patients.  Doctors put on coats, gloves, masks and began surgery . After cutting off the letters not needed and using a bandage for the apostrophe, surgery was complete and patients were sent to the recovery station.  Such a memorable way for kids to "get it!"


Thank you, Buzzing About 2nd for the
amazingly creative idea!!
Have fun with your little doctors!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sparkly E Dazzles Us!

Hello Everyone!!
We had a very sparkly day today!  Sparkly E came to spend some time with us!  She is just as popular as Sneaky E!  See for yourself!

We learned the little poem, made some sparkly e's ( glue and glitter e's), did these cute little mini skits, and then practiced our long vowel words!!  Sparkle is obviously important to learning!! :)  I love how even some of my little boys weren't afraid to sparkle!! :)

Get your sparkle on and click here for the printable!!

OH! Some of you wanted the MLK printable from yesterday.  
Click here for that!! :)

Have a sparkly evening everyone!!