Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"I'm just reading a story."

Hello Everyone!
Have you ever said it? "I'm just reading a story." I think I have, and I've probably written that on sub plans, or told a parent volunteer to just read.  Do you ever feel guilty when you sit down to "just read" to your kids? If you are a parent reading this, do you ever put off reading to your kiddo because you're too busy or tired?  I  am so guilty of that!! For me, Read-Alouds were always saved for the end of the day if we have time.  Of course I did read during reading, social studies, science, and even math time. One of my favorite things is helping kids make those important connections between literature and content area. 
I think I always knew that read-alouds were important, but one of my book studies this summer was "In Defense of Read-Aloud" by Steven Layne.
 In his book (got mine on Amazon) he puts the focus back on the value of read-alouds. The time spent on embracing and celebrating a good book, is priceless.  He supports this idea with research, revelations from his experiences, and blurbs from renowned authors and professors. He tells his readers that for some students, that good read-aloud might be his/her only exposure to various authors' craft, genre, style, information, and/or meaning. I loved this book so much!  It was so validating!

I made a list of some of the many "defenses" Mr. Layne includes in his book.

I know there are more "defenses," but this will get you started! No more feeling guilty when you turn in your lesson plans, or when the principal or a parent drops in and you are "just reading." 
If you want this little mini poster,

Hope this helps to clarify your thoughts on read-aloud time. I have been reading the Magic Tree House series to my kids for YEEEEEEARS!  This year, at the suggestion of a few other teachers, I picked up the Goonie Bird Greene series.

This little gem is three books in one and written by acclaimed author Lois Lowry.  It's about a very confident, joy-filled second grade girl, but I think my firsties will still love it!!! Got my copy on Amazon, but I recently saw a couple copies at Half Price Books as well. Wish I would have looked there first!! :)  I am so looking forward to our new read-aloud!!!

Have you scheduled your read-aloud time?? 
Do you have a favorite book? Let me know!!!
Till then, have a wonderful week! Don't forget to choose joy!!! :)  
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