Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Thank You, Teacher!

Hello Everyone!
Wow!!  Summer is here for most of us. We made it! It was a school year filled with a lot of everything... ups, downs, laughs, tears, hoorays, and "I'm sorrys." A lot of learning and growing for all of us. 
I want to thank all teachers everywhere for your heart, your dedication, your willingness to give of yourselves, and for being there for your kids. Whether you are a public school teacher, a private school teacher, a home-school teacher, a brand new teacher, a veteran teacher, a teacher abroad, or any other teacher out there, you have made a difference, and I thank you! 
In reflection, I took some time to re-internalize (is that a word?) the pure reasons for why I teach. I came up with this little poster as I thought about my students from this past year and what we worked on.  

I will use this as an incentive for this coming year.  I will refer to it daily, and let my kids refer to it as well. Yes, I may only teach first grade, but even our littles deserve this. If you are a teacher of older kids, this is for you and your kids as well. 
And now that summer is upon us, take time to reflect, rejuvenate, relax, and reaffirm your reasons for teaching.  Thank you!!