Sunday, February 11, 2018


Hello Everyone!
The Olympics are so inspiring!  I know it's impossible, but I wish they came around more often than every four years!! I love hearing the back stories of all the athletes.  I love hearing them thank their moms and dads, or another significant person in their lives. Makes me tear up every time!  In between those stories and the amazing events, I updated my 2014 Olympic unit a bit.  I added several new math games. I hope you can use them!
Here are a few pics of the 55 page unit.

Hope you're having fun watching the Olympics as well!! Hope this encourages your kids to watch too. OOPS!!  Gotta go!  Figure skating's coming on!! My fav!

Have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

AAAAAACHOO! Sneezy the Snowman! Fractions, and Reading Goals

Hello Everyone!!
Hello February!!  I truly can't believe it is February already!   Or should we call it Febrrrrrrrrrrrary. It has been so cold everywhere!  Our little Texan firsties want snow so badly, but all we've gotten is cold!!  and ugh...flu!    Has the flu hit your area yet? I hate it when my littles are sick. Poor babies. We have been sanitizing like nobody's business!!!  Stay healthy out there!!!
In sticking with the cold weather, we decided to celebrate Sneezy the Snowman! If you haven't read this book by Maureen Wright, you have to run and grab a copy!  It has very quickly become my kids' fav for the season!  Some sweet characters share some of their personal items to help Sneezy the Snowman warm up!! So cute! We created a little mini unit to capture the essence of that little man!  AAAHHHCHOOOOO!

Not included in the unit, but in the snow unit I shared last time, is snow paint. We created the paint, painted Sneezy's head and then wrote a quote from the story showing off our very best handwriting.

We love Sneezy!!!

If you would like this free printable unit based on this awesome book,

We have also been working very hard on our fraction objective for math, really focusing on equal and unequal parts, a definite prerequisite for fraction study.  I have added to my fraction unit.

The unit includes a lot of practice with equal and  unequal, and then some halves and quarters practice.
If you need some extra stuff to supplement your fraction unit, you can grab my unit for free by...CLICKING HERE!!!
The unit includes some whole group discovery lessons and some independent practice as well as some math tub games.

One last thing I want to share with you.  We are making our way through Lucy Calkins Units of Study in reading for Grade 1.  At times, following it has been a challenge, mainly because we were so used to teaching things in a different order. I do, however, love how she suggests making kids set goals for their reading and becoming the boss of their reading. In the past couple of weeks, we have worked very hard on exactly that!  I decided to take her ideas and create some mini posters and charts to remind kids about setting reading goals both at school and at home.  Be the Boss of your Reading!  Thank you Lucy Calkins for this inspiration!

 Kids pick a goal for their partner reading time. They hold each other accountable for reaching that goal each time. (Oh, and by the way some of my kids have two reading partners! )

Kids keep this chart in their reading baskets.

Kids brought this home as a home/school connection for parents.

This unit is not entirely complete.  It only includes goals through the first two units and a couple in unit 3.  I will be adding more!!  Stay tuned!

If this is something you think might be helpful to remind kids what readers do, you can print off part one of this document for free.  Use it in any way that works for your kids.


As always, please let me know if you spot some typos or irregularities in any of my printables.  Sometimes I just get going, and miss some stuff!!  UGH! Oh well. Most of you are good at letting me know!!!  Thank you!!

So, until next time, stay warm, and have a wonderful week!!

Now to gear up for our 100th day tomorrow!!!  Hope all my kiddos are back from the flu!!
Thanks for stopping by to see what we've been up to!! Stay tuned for more!!!