Sunday, November 29, 2015

Grateful...and Some Updated Units

Hello Everyone!!
Grateful. It is a word that means so much more than thankful.  I believe it reflects a deeper feeling than just thankful. There are things for which we are thankful and then there are things for which we are grateful.  I am so grateful for my faith, my family, and my friends. I am thankful for the good food we had on Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for the opportunities to share my love for providing a hands on learning experience for my students. I'm thankful for the technology with which my creations can evolve. I am grateful for the time to be able to reflect on my teaching through this little blog.  I am thankful for the few extra minutes I've had to relax this past week. much more!!
I am both grateful and thankful for these little glimpses into last week.

We spent a lot of time discovering the friendships made between the Pilgrims and the native Americans.  We can make friends as well!

Making butter! A fun science lesson on matter!!

Before our Thanksgiving feast!

Our 11th annual Thanksgiving feast!

Always love our "Think Outside the Box" activities! Nurturing that creative visual learner!

The Legend of the Five Kernels of Corn activity

Practicing addition and subtraction strategies with "Feather Flash!"

Even our Mon"star" was ready for the celebration of friendship!
I am so grateful for these little learners!! They make teaching fun!!

Coming up?? We will be learning through literature next week using Rhonda Gowler Greene's "Santa's Stuck!" I have shared this little unit before, but I added a ton of hands on learning opportunities for your littles!! It now includes some adjective fun, some blend word work fun, some extra addition strategy fun and much more. Here are a couple of pics.
If you already have this unit, you will want to download again. 

The unit is over 100 pages, so be patient with the download!

We will also be working hard on retelling.  I have posted many time about retelling and how important it is in understanding the level of our little readers comprehension.  I have simplified everything I have ever done as far as retelling goes. Yes, I still believe kids need a hands on connection to the idea of retelling. They also need to be able to retell both narrative and expository text.  Take a peek at a new unit based on some of my earlier attempts.  I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve as an educator. 

Thanks for hanging out with us for a bit!! I hope you stop by often for a peek into the wonder-filled world of first grade!!! We love comments, so don't be a stranger! 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A little pumpkin and...Cinderella's in the house!

Hello Everyone!
Can you believe it is already November??  What?? Where has the time gone?  October was, of course, sooo busy.  Here are a couple of pics of a few things we were able to accomplish!
One of our favs to read this time of year!

Finding the "interesting words" in our reading!
Using those interesting words in a hands on visual

Thumpety, bumpety!

Creepy Peepers Scoot- Friendly numbers

How many Creepy Peepers?

Pumpkin seed estimating and counting!
Pumpkin math and science day!

We found a sprouting seed in one of the pumpkins!!
My team dressed as Stellaluna for our storybook character day!!

This week we are getting into fairy tales!!  One of my favorite units!  I added quite a bit to our Cinderella unit from last year. Along with learning about what a fairy tale includes, we will work on retelling stories, character analysis, plural nouns, past tense verbs, short vowel ck words, and states of matter.  I added some activities to accommodate those objectives.  So if you need a bit more to add to your fairy tale unit, or if you used the unit last year and can use the additions, please redownload.
Here are a few pics: