Saturday, November 26, 2011

Candy Corn Activities, October 2011

We had a lot of fun using candy corn as a jumping off place last month.  We, of course, needed to use all of our senses to experience candy corn. Yum! (Because I have a peanut allergy kiddo in my class, I had to be careful of the candy corn I got.  Kroger brand is peanut free. )  After experiencing the feel, smell, and taste of the sweet treat, we brainstormed words for a "corn-quain" (cinquain.)  We made a large chart for kiddos to have access to as they worked on their own.  For the kids version, we cut orange, yellow, and white paper to write each section of the  cornquain.  My kids had a lot of fun playing with words in a simple way.  Great way to review verbs and adjectives, too!!
Along with our cornquains, we did a lot of addition and subtraction practice using candy corn, as well as creating patterns with candy corn pics I printed from the web. 
We also practiced our best handwriting using a poem about 5 candy corns, and then glued a star made from candy corn.
As a culminating activity and to celebrate cooperation we created a large star made from collage candy corn. (Magazine colors glued to paper)  Sounds corny, but the kids had a blast!!  Enjoy the pics! Hope you had a sweet Ocotber!!

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  1. I love your website and creative ideas. You are an amazing woman, sharing your hard work so freely to everyone You rock and I pray you will blessed in your generosity!


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