Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Wants...

A View from today...Well, the day we get back from thanksgiving break, and the talk about Santa and Christmas is already in the air!  I love this time of year with my first graders.  They bring so much sweetness to the hustle and bustle already intact in the world.  I love slowing down with them and talking about fun things like what if Santa lived in Texas instead of the North Pole.  It reminded me of an activity we did with the kids last year. After reading several books about Santa, and talking about all he does, we got on the subject of what he would want for Christmas.  If Santa lived in Texas and could tell us what he wanted for Christmas, what do you think he would ask for?  After brainstorming, we created Cowboy Santas and added speech bubbles with Santa's words. They turned out sooo cute!  Thought I'd share.  Easy to make.  Create patterns, kids can trace, cut,  and personalize.  Have fun!!
Have a great tomorrow!! Enjoy the wonder!


  1. I loved this idea when I saw it on the first grade parade!

    1. I created this craft connection when Cara and I were teaching together!! My classroom is all western, so I wanted a Cowboy Santa. Not sure if I'll have time to make him this year! I think they turned out so cute!

  2. How fun you guys got to work together!


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