Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not by the Color of our skin...

Hello Everyone,
I never really took time out to think about this, but in learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we have an opportunity to make so many connections with ourselves, other characters and people, and of course, the world, and I think it's important for kids to do the same.  My little Social Studies unit on MLK does just that.  Many of the activities have and will help kids understand what life may have been like in the late 50's and 60's.  Many of us and unfortunately many of our kids have experienced discrimination to some degree. In our classroom we have discussed how important it is to look at the inside of a person, rather than how she looks, sounds, moves, etc.  From Chrysanthemum to The Grinch, to Rudolph, we keep digging to find the hidden meaning the author is trying to portrait.  
MLK is one with whom we should spend time on.  I have compiled many of the ideas we have used in the past and created a few new things to help those connections happen!

A 9 page mini book for the kids to make is included in the unit.

The unit is over 20 pages and includes patterns for the craft connection, some mini posters, writing activities, a book for the kids to make, a song, and a puzzle.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!