Sunday, March 9, 2014

Graphing and Armadilly Chili! Mmmmmm!

Hello Everyone!
So sorry it has been a while, but this is such a busy time of year.  We have one week to go before spring break and Open House is on Thursday evening.  The kids have been working so hard on so many different things- all with a Texas twist!  They are so excited to "show off" to their families.
Last week we worked hard on graphing and I didn't get too many pics before, or during, but I snapped a couple after. We were graphing our favorite Texas animals.  We learned about taking a survey, tallying our responses, displaying data on picto, bar and pie graphs, and  analyzing and comparing. The kids are now in groups, coming up with their own survey, and developing their own way of displaying information. They will create powerpoint slides to display their info.

If you would like a quick printable to add to your graphing unit CLICK HERE!! :)

This week we are finishing our Texas unit.  My friend reminded me of a unit I had on deck using the very fun little book Armadilly Chili by Helen Ketteman.  It's a Texas style Little Red Hen story that teaches a lesson!  So cute!!  I can't wait to pull this unit out to finish up our study!
Here are a few pics from the reader's response unit!

If you are at all interested in this fun reader's response pack,
The pack is about 17 pages with a retelling puppet opportunity included.

I can't wait to have time to take pics of some of the amazing things my kids are doing.  Please stay tuned!!!  Those of you still waiting for your spring break, hang on! We can do it!!
If your spring break has come and gone, or maybe it's this week, HOORAY!!!  Hope it was or will be fantastic!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek into window on wonder!! Please let us know you were here by leaving a comment!  My kids always ask if anyone has left a message!  Till then, have a joy filled week!!!


  1. As always, thank you for the amazing freebies! Good luck with open house... I know it will be AMAZING! I am anxiously awaiting pictures of your decked out room and the big EVENT!

  2. I am a first grade teacher in Texas too! After 32 years of teaching I have found I am still learning and reading your blog helps me do that! I use many of your ideas and activities with my kids. We are on spring break now and hope you have a wonderful week next week! Thanks for your generosity with your ideas!

  3. Another 1st grade teacher from Texas here too! My team and I absolutely LOVE your page, your creativity, and your generosity! I hope you get lots of blessings as you have given us so many through your page!

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  5. So glad to find your page AND this Armadilly Chili unit! I am an avid fan of Kimberly over at FIRST IN MAINE, and her post about your THE ISLAND unit led me here! Can't wait to read more now that I am a new follower! Thanks so much for the great ideas and for sharing!


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