Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whirlwind Weeks!!

Hello Everyone!!
My apologies for the lack of posts recently.  I finally had a second to sit down and throw some pics together of things we did the last couple of weeks.  We had open house the Thursday before Spring Break and our "theme" was Texas.  Our curriculum includes learning about the symbols and important historical elements of Texas. The kids loved learning about this amazing state and sharing what they learned with their families.  We included some research practice and expository writing along with some technology, some craft connections, some poetry, book making and so much more. Most of this is from our Texas units which you can get for free at the end of the post.  Til then, enjoy the pics!
I spy a little Texan learning about important symbols!

Texas style word clouds

The halls of Texas are upon us!!

practicing our word work in red white and blue style!

making bluebonnets from tissue paper!

Celebrating narrative and Expository Print

Kids made Alphabet books!

QR codes to go along with our animal research.  Just scan and listen to your first grader read his/her expository paper!

To celebrate being Texan, we made out own version of Armadilly Chili! Yum!

A scoop of Armadilly Chili, please!

Up next? A study on our US symbols!  Stay tuned!!

Now off to work some more on my friend's wedding!  Having a ball!!! I'll post some pics soon!!

Have a great week, everyone!!
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