Thursday, September 25, 2014

Money Game and Family Wants and Needs

Hello Everyone!
 We have been working hard this week on identifying coins and telling their value. Today we created a whole group game to help with cementing those ideas. We made a "Bigger than Life" gameboard (you know my love of those shower curtain sized gameboards!). We divided the board into 25 sections with tape and then filled each section with either a coin, the coin's name, the value, or the value words.  We taped paper coins to a foam die. The kids took turns rolling the die and covering something on the board that matched with the coin rolled. We played until we had 5 in a row covered!  The kids were completely engaged for the entire game, helping each other and cheering when we finally had 5 in a row.  A smaller version of this game will become a math tub game for next week. 

You can get a printable of this game including large cards for the whole group lesson and small game board for math tubs.Simply CLICK HERE!!! :) It's FREE!

(I am hoping that google docs is cooperating.  Every time I upload things lately, it looks different. Remember, you can always e-mail me and I will send you the doc that way!)

Next week we will begin a reading/social studies unit on family wants and needs.  I have shared my "Me and My Family" before, but I added some elements using two favorite books, "A Chair for My Mother," and "The Relatives Came."


 You can get this printable!  You don't even need to save!!
All you need to do is CLICK HERE!!! :) I hope!!

Ok!!  I've got stuff to do to get ready for our SCI FRI tomorrow!! Magnet fun!! Yippee!!
Have a fantastic Friday!!

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