Saturday, October 25, 2014

Candy Corn Stars!

Hello Everyone!!
What an exhausting but wonderful week!  (21 Parent conferences, 21 report cards with 3 assessment result reports and parent letters for each, instructional specialists, WatchDogs, All Stars, field trip planning, technology enrichment lessons, planning for next week, and of course teaching.) I had to put just a little fun (both for the kids and for me!!) into our week, sooooooo.....
This post is directly attributed to a Good Housekeeping craft idea. You can find it here!

I loved this idea for turning a paperplate into paper candy corn!  We are so into candycorn lately! Well, I decided to take our science study about the sun and stars  and infuse a little candy corn into it! Huh??? Hold'll see!  The kids traced the natural circle  and drew a small circle on a plain paper plate, creating three sections.  Then they painted the outer edge yellow and the inner ring orange.   It reminded us of the sun!  We reviewed the characteristics of the sun. When dry, the kids cut their plates into eight pieces, and voila!! Candy Corn!  Well, in reviewing the characteristics of the sun, we talked about the fact that the sun is the closest star to the earth, so we decided to make our candy corn pieces into a star!  They turned out so cool!! And what a great connection!! Here are a couple of pics!

We made a large one too!

We added the information we had learned
 about the sun!

I also need to share our little sundial that we studied throughout the day.  So easy and effective! The kids got to watch the shadow move and shorten. 

 We recorded our observations with a marker and on a recording sheet. I think I have shared our Sunny Sunny Day unit before, but in case you missed it

Well, I'm off to watch a movie with the Hubs! Hope I don't fall asleep in the middle of it! I'm pooped!!
 Hope you're having a great weekend!!   
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  1. Your sundial is fantastic, the sun stars are amazing and this whole unit just got be EXCITED about Candy Corn! Thanks so much Nancy!


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