Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thankful for the opportunity to share!

Hello Everyone!
This is a super quick post tonight.  I'm Taking my sweet mom out for her birthday!!  Happy birthday, Mom!!!  My mom and dad were my first teachers.  They taught all five of us kids the value of sharing what we have been blessed with.  They both gave the best of themselves every minute of every day. I'm dedicating this post to them tonight. I am simply sharing a couple of quick units. They will get me joyfully through the coming week with my kids.  One unit is focused on the Native Americans who welcomed the Pilgrims to America so long ago, sharing their knowledge of living in this land.  The other is a set of 5 addition math tub activities with a Thanksgiving feel.

I hope you can use parts of these to help your kids next week.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my love of teaching in a hands on way with you!!

Now off to celebrate the woman who raised me to have a heart for giving. 
Have a joy-filled week!

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